Meet the team

Although founded on generic science and training methods, we tailor our plans to the individual, commencing with a confidential ‘New Client Intake Form’ to develop an understanding of the client’s current status before creating a bespoke nutrition and training programme geared towards your personal goals.

Through this process, any barriers to reaching the client’s goals can be identified with the objective of establishing life-style changes or work-arounds as appropriate. If a common factor repeatedly causes failure to meet with chosen targets, these are addressed and made history.

Our goal is to make sure this is the last time you try and get into shape. To finally feel comfortable in your skin and get your confidence back!

Daniel James
Owner, Head Coach

I set up The Prime Life Project to help as many people as possible feel amazing in their mind as well as their body. I believe in a holistic approach to fat loss where I help guide you to your end results in a healthy way which will ensure you can keep the weight off long term.

I do this through critical holistic reviews of your physical, nutritional and mental lifestyle choices that invariably underlie why you may not have previously succeeded in your pursuit of healthy and sustained fat loss.

My Mission is to guide you in the right direction to unlock your full physical and mental ability therefore achieving your true potential in the journey of life.

Charlie Chowick

My interest in sport & fitness started at age 11 when I was introduced to the sport of triathlon – involving swimming, cycling and running. Since then, my sporting career has seen me compete to a National standard in the sports of triathlon, swimming, cross country running and athletics, and I even competed internationally as a guide runner to a visually impaired Paralympian in Dubai.

After finishing my degree in Psychology and Masters in Sport Management at Loughborough University, I turned my training attentions to the gym & started educating myself on various forms of training for various goals – including strength & power, muscle gain, fat loss, and functional CrossFit style training. During this time, I started working as a swimming teacher & triathlon coach, and found my passion for coaching.

Following a natural progression to qualify as a personal trainer, I am excited to be able to use my knowledge & experience built up over the last 13 years to help others achieve their fitness goals; whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle, run a marathon or just to live a healthier and happier life!

Charlotte Tuckwood

My philosophy is that everything starts within the mind. It can be easy to create the perfect nutrition and training program on paper but if your mindset is not in the correct place adhering to these are going to be very challenging. I take a holistic approach with my training, combining my knowledge of resistance training, pilates and yoga and through this have helped many clients to develop healthier relationships with food, build their confidence up in the gym and flip their mindset to a more positive state to realise they truly are capable of anything they put their mind too. There is no one size fits all approach so I will help you find exactly what works for you and your lifestyle, creating healthy habits you can carry with you for life.

For me balance is key. I have struggled with eating disorders and poor body image myself and have learnt along the way there is so much more to life and training then simply just focusing on how we look. When you start to take care of your body and mind from the inside, looking and feeling incredible on the outside will come easier than you imagined.

Whether you goal is fat loss, muscle growth, sport specific or just being an overall healthier happier version of you book in a consultation to see how we can get you there, together!