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The Prime Life Project is a Nottingham based health and body composition coaching company aiming to raise the standards of Personal Training. The Prime Life Project was set up to help the general population achieve the body they have always wanted but have not been able to achieve on their own. We believe in a holistic approach to fat loss where we will help guide you to your end results in a healthy way which will ensure you can keep the weight off long term.  We will do this through critical holistic reviews of your physical, nutritional and mental lifestyle choices that invariably underlie why you may not have previously succeeded in your pursuit of healthy and sustained fat loss.

Our Mission is to guide you in the right direction to unlock your full physical and mental ability therefore achieving your true potential in the journey of life.

If you suffer from:

  • Low self-confidence & self worth
  • No clear path and direction
  • A sense of feeling lost in the gym environment
  • Constant abdominal bloating
  • Always feeling tired and lethargic
  • Brain fog
  • A previous struggle to lose unwanted body fat
  • Frustration towards yourself and others
  • Confusion at where to turn

Then you are not alone as these are all common issues raised by clients during the confidential initial consultation. With years of experience, we will plot the course to dispel these issues and help guide you onto the path of feeling like a new person.

Consider how amazing it would feel to wake-up and not head straight to the kettle to pour the first cup of many coffees that day? Or how good would it feel to go upstairs to bed, knowing that you would have a full, undisturbed night of sleep? How about not having to pull your trousers high or loosen your belt to cover up your afternoon bloated stomach?

If you are willing to put the work in to form new habits that will lead to long term fat loss and health, then this is for you.

Our goal is to make sure this is the last time you try and get into shape. To finally feel comfortable in your skin and get your confidence back!

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